2018/2019 Professional Development Meetings

Next Meeting:

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Arcimoto Plant Tour

Mr. Joe Morgan

Hosting the Arcimoto Plant tour will be Mr. Joe Morgan. Joe Morgan has 13 years of experience as a Senior Department Head at Marathon Coach, where he managed the entire paint operation for their multi-million dollar luxury coaches. Joe has been at Arcimoto since day one, which started as a conversation over a napkin sketch with Mark Frohnmayer, the president and founder of the company. In addition to his duties at Arcimoto, Joe is a leader for Landmark Worldwide, a world leading company in professional and personal growth education. Joe also created a non-profit "Beyond the Formation" to empower Veterans in creating and chasing their dreams.

Participants should meet at the 2175 west 2nd Ave entrance to Arcimoto. The tour will start with a walk-through of the Marketing and Engineering Departments followed by the plant tour and a Q and A session afterward.

Since 2007, Arcimoto has designed and built eight generations of fun utility vehicle (FUV) prototypes as part of an iterative vehicle development program. Their goal: to develop a more sustainable, more affordable and radically more enjoyable way of getting around on daily trips. All FUVs are designed and assembled with state of the art equipment at the Arcimoto Manufacturing Plant, right here in Eugene, Oregon. 77 new green tech jobs, and counting.

Meeting Time:
5:30 PM Meet and Greet
6:00 PM Presentation

2175 West 2nd Ave. Eugene, OR 97402

By May 6, 2019
terry.teter@farweststeel.com or Phone: 541-681-7205

Schedule of events for 2018/2019

September 13, 2018
Measuring Performance in Procurement with Darin Matthews, Director of Procurement & Supply Chain, UC Santa Cruz

October 25, 2018
Facilities / Plant Tour Ninkasi Brewing Company

November 13, 2018
Topic: The Digital Revolution - How Will It Affect Your Organization?
Presenter: Jeremy Green, PhD

January 24, 2019
Facilities / Plant Tour
Yogi Tea Company's New Headquarters

February 21, 2019
Topic: Lane County Economic Overview Presenter:Brian Rooney, Regional Economist, Lane County (Eugene MSA)

May 9, 2019
Topic: Arcimoto Plant Tour
Arcimoto manufactures the world's first Fun Utility Vehicle here in Eugene.

Ideas for Future Meeting Topics:

Constructive Confrontation • Laws of Agencies (Battle of the forms) • Inventory Management • Ethics and Professionalism • World Class Procurement • Certification (Whatís out there) • Contract Management/Principles of Auditing for Compliance • Performance Measures (how do you do it) • Dress for Success • Lean Office • Risk management within the Supply Chain • Supplier Diversity • Warehousing • Vendor Managed Inventory vs. Company Managed Inventory • Surplus/Obsolete Equipment and Supplies • Capital Budget Planning Ė Managing the annual budget • Forecasting • Negotiations • Sales Perspectives (whatís it like dealing with Purchasing Professionals) • ISM Resources

Please send a note of the meeting topics you would like to hear about to Tony DeVico tony.devico@ism-willamettevalley.org